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Shadow IT and the Evolving Roles of CIO's

It happens daily in enterprises around the country: The marketing director hears about a new SaaS marketing tool and purchases it without consulting IT. The CIO now needs to figure out on the fly how to incorporate the application within existing systems and policies, and make sure it’s secure so that the company’s data is not compromised. The CIO is right in taking this stand. Just last month, USA Today reported that the Syrian Electronic Army defaced the website, and hijacked a number of their staff’s twitter accounts. Forbes has advised subscribers to change their usernames and passwords.


CIOs need to make sure that a new app first gets incorporated into the enterprise security model, but lines of business “want it now.” The challenge for CIOs is to reduce technology and process friction with the business. Communicating the importance of security controls while implementing  tools like OneLogin provide the LOB with both the security and agility they need to run the business.


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